ParticipANTs is the first episode in season one of A.N.T. Farm due to the episode TransplANTed being shown as the preview. However, most people refer to it as the second episode.


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Chyna decides to get involved in extracurricular activities and joins the cheer squad. Meanwhile, Fletcher joins Cameron's "End Hunger Today" club and soon learns he is using it to get free food.

Episode SummaryEdit

Chyna convinces Olive to make an effort to be more involved with their school's extracurricular activities, so they both tryout for the cheerleading squad. Only Chyna gets accepted, but she gets more than she bargained for when Lexi puts her cheerleading skills to the test. She purposely weakens Chyna enough to make her lose her voice and injure herself, right before the school musical auditions. Chyna apologizes to Olive, using an A.N.T. Pad. She tells her that she will not tryout for the school play, but Olive convinces her to go for it. Lexi's singing audition went perfectly, but Chyna's singing audition was hoarse. Chyna confronts Lexi, Mr. Zimbaldi, and the pianist, about looking at her as if she is a freak. Mr. Zimbaldi ends up believes she is actually citing lines from a movie, "The Hunchback of Notre Dame", and gives her the part, causing Lexi's plan to backfire. Meanwhile, Cameron creates his own club called the "End Hunger Today Club" as an excuse to eat buffalo wings all for himself, but when Fletcher catches him in the act and threatens to tell the teachers about his fake club, Cameron is forced to let Fletcher join.

Mermorable QuotesEdit

In the Gym Gibson: Enters the gym with the A.N.T.'s while pulling them on a rope Let's go, let's go! Okay everybody this is it. The Activity Fair A great opportunity for you guys to blend in with the big kids.

Chyna: Well then, not sure the holds the rope up pre-school safety rope is helping.

In the Gym Chyna: Wow, look at all these choices! Physics Club, French Club, Grabs a sandwich ooh Club Sandwich Club

Olive: Slaps the sandwich to the floor

Chyna: What are you doing?

Olive: Puts her hand on Chyna's shoulder Chyna, this school is a jungle. And we're baby gazelles prancing around wide eyed and innocent Looks at one direction and points to it Oh look a watering hole, I think I'll stop and take a drink. Next thing you know... SNAP! A crocodile bites your head off.

Chyna: Arms crossed You really need to stop watching those nature specials.

In the Hallways Chyna: Uh, Paisley I am so so sorry about your nose.

Paisley: Aww, don't be. I'm hoping it's broken so my mom will finally let me get a nose job.


  • Lexi doesn't seem to get over the fact that Chyna got the lead in the school play (seen in You're the One That I WANT).
  • This episode takes place intirely at Webster High School

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  • Chyna puts her arm around Fletcher for a few seconds.[1]Chyna putting her arm around Fletcher's shoulder
  • Fletcher looks happy when Chyna's arm is around his shoulder.
  • Chyna asked Fletcher how did it go in the chest club, meaning she cared about him.