Flyna Songs are a list of songs that fit the Flyna relationship. This is a page for any of these songs.

Flyna Songs Edit

If you hear a song that reminds you of Flyna, feel free to add it to this list.

Official Flyna Song Edit

The Official Flyna song hasn't been revealed just yet due to ANT Farm developing but it's possible they'll have a song later on during Season 3 or 4. Although fans consider "My Crush" as the pairings official song because it fits in to Fletcher's secret crush on Chyna, and Chyna maybe developing feelings for him too.

  • It's possibly the one they create about Gibson, since they both wrote it

Other Possible Flyna Songs. Edit

  • "I Love You" by Avril Lavingne ~ It relates to the fact romantically or unromantically Chyna and Fletcher can't live without each other and Fletcher revealing to Chyna he loves her.
  • "Perfect Two" by Auburn ~ It relates to flyna because it talks about how they complete eachother because they're so close and Fletcher loves Chyna.
  • "Enchanted" by Taylor Swift- The song relates to the Flyna relationship in a way Fletcher was amused by meeting and Chyna and how only seeing her for a day he fell in love with her.