SignificANT other

Signficant Other


Flyna Hints are a slight or indirect indications that Flyna may happen in the future. This page is somewhat similar to the Flyna Facts but this page is more of a fan's opinions.

Hints - HistoryEdit

Hints are mostly hinted by fans itself, like for example the color, eye contact, or simply the information you got on the couple. They aren't guaranteed 100% true but for the most part they can be quite clever.


  • Fletcher developed a crush on Chyna since the first episode, (TransplANTed).
  • Chyna doesn't mind when Fletcher flirts with her, (Bad RomANTs)
  • Fletcher is always at Chyna's side no matter what, (The ReplacemANT)
  • Fletcher agrees with Chyna even though she's the one who messes up, (FraudulANT)
  • Creator of the show Dan Signer, green-lighted this couple in November 2011 on Disneymedia.
  • They both seem to be the "un-weird ones" of the A.N.T. Farm.
  • Fletcher claimed Chyna was his girl, (ReplicANT).
  • Fletcher loves Chyna ever since he saw her as he revealed in the plane he gave to Chyna, (Some EnchANTed Evening)
  • Jake Short who plays Fletcher stated in an interview article there was going to be more "Chyna and Fletcher plots and fun things to think about later on the show".
  • On the KCA 2012's description of Jake Short says "Let's see if he impresses Chyna with a KCA win" perhaps Chyna may come up on stage and congratulate him, if he wins.
  • Many people think Fletcher's crush on her is very cute.
  • Chyna might also have a crush on Fletcher (EndurANTs)
  • Flyna finally pursue the romantic relationship(SignificANT Other)
  • In many episodes, they are always beside each other just like when Olive stated some interesting factoids Chyna and Fletcher pretend to sleep and if you look closly Chyna was almost leaning on Fletcher's shoulder.
  • In SignificANT Other, Chyna is shown wearing a LOVE ring.
  • In SignificANT Other, Fletcher tries his best to impress Chyna.
  • In SignificANT Other, Fletcher gives Chyna flowers.
  • In SignficANT Other, It looks like in the clip they are official.
  • In SignificANT Other, Chyna really cares about Fletcher's feelings and doesn't want to hurt them.
  • In SignficANT Other, Chyna realizes she can only have one Fletcher, As her BEST friend or her BOYfriend.
  • In SignificANT Other,Chyna doesn't want to ruin their friendship.
  • In SignficANT Other, Chyna states that she Loves Fletcher.
  • In SignficANT Other, Chyna hates when they don't talk.
  • In SignficANT Other, Chyna doesn't want to be mean to Fletcher.