There are many couples/ships who have relationships similar to the Flyna relationship in forms of modern media, including canon couples.

TV showsEdit

Carly/Freddie (From iCarly)Edit

  • Freddie has a crush on Carly just like Fletcher has for Chyna.
  • Freddie is unpopular and Fletcher is also unpopular and quite geeky of his art.
  • Carly always giggled when Freddie will flirt with her but immedially will bring him down unlike when Fletcher firts with Chyna she just giggles with no rejection like Carly.
  • Freddie and Carly are also best friends with Sam, like Fletcher and Chyna are also bffs with Olive.

Lizzie/Gardo (From Lizzie McGuire)Edit

Tori/Andre (Victorious)Edit

  • Andre worked hard to get Tori in
  • They are bffl
  • Andre goes to Tori for help

Kacey/Zander (How To Rock)Edit

  • Zander goes to Kacey for advice/help
  • They're both kinda popular