Chyna Parks
Chyna Parks Season 2
Season 2 Chyna

Full Name

Chyna Ann Parks

Chyna Anne Parks is an eleven-year-old musical prodigy who can play over 14 instruments. She's also an amazing singer, blowing people away with her big, soulful voice. She's good at dancing, cheerleading, and drama. Never afraid of a challenge, she sees high school as an exciting place. She wants to fit in, making that a them of A.N.T Farm!


Chyna's interests include making jokes, the color red, and cute boys. Unlike most of the ANTs, Chyna isn't as meek, and is much more outgoing. Unlike most high schoolers, her father doesn't like her going to parties or hanging around boys. Her brother also often annoys her sometimes. And as shown, Chyna is looking hard to find a place where she feels she belongs and fits in.

Flyna-Related Edit

Chyna and Fletcher are really good friends. They appear to be very close than with Olive, such as when Chyna trusted Fletcher with her "Personal Question" instead of going with Olive he went with him. They both compliment each other in TransplANTed. Even though it looks as if Chyna knows that Fletcher has a crush on her, she hasn't responded to him about feeling the same way as he does for her.